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Galactic_Coffee3 karma

Hello Barry, this AMA is wonderful and thank you for your wonderful, intellectual, detailed answers.

My question is this: I'm sure you of all people probably realized that comedians have a tendency to be depressed and a little loony. The Laugh Factory in Hollywood even offers free therapy to comedians (It's called "Groucho's Couch") and theres a British study done earlier this year that says that comedians personalities are similar to people with mental disorders.


(No Joke..hardeehar.. get it no joke...)

Why do you think so many comedians have a tendency to be depressed? Do you think it's the pressure or something about their personalities? Do you believe that the great ones are crazy, or is it just a quirky personality? Do you think there is indeed a tie to mental illness? I'd love to hear your opinion on this.

Thank you ahead of time Barry!