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I did this. Went in for a full Brazilian before my wedding. Couldn’t hack it. Left halfway through with a labia mustache for my groom.

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Not too personal at all.

I'd say a large role, but not for the reasons one might expect. We both decided to leave the church at different times and supported each other, there were no issues there. But after we left, we realized our main compatibility was entirely focused on the church. We didn't have a lot in common otherwise.

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I just remembered it's Thanksgiving...and that I was supposed to make a pie. Letting down a third family in 3 years, ama.

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To be totally honest...I don't remember? We didn't really do it a lot (imminent divorce probably had something to do with it) because I had just had our second baby and was getting my CNA/going to school full time. We were super exhausted constantly.

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That's a big part of what it was with me as well. Plus he was the first man who was ever good to me so I didn't think I'd find that again.