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GTFOScience78 karma

This is the same guy that did the AMAs on behalf of Mars One and always gets eaten alive. This whole thing is a joke.

Here are the other AMAs

GTFOScience11 karma

He seems like the type of guy that builds the plane an hour before the flight leaves.

GTFOScience10 karma

Clearly trafficked

That part isn’t clear at all. So far they’ve been arrested for prostitution and exactly 0 charges related to human trafficking have been filed.

GTFOScience4 karma

Plans are incredibly important in disaster relief.

GTFOScience2 karma

The sentencing of the 2 boys in the film felt abrupt and short lived.

The sentences themselves felt light considering the crimes.

Did you feel like the sentencing was appropriate? If not, why wasn’t this discussed in the film?

Why did you chose to make the sentencing segment in the film so short?