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You mentioned that some of your "clients" actually knew that you were there unwillingly. I've heard of people being with hookers but I never heard of someone knowing they were there unwillingly. Was this normal? It seems that if this information was tossed around freely it would be easy for law enforcement to help. Also you said he took you offering to help you, is this how girls are normally taken?

I am very sorry to hear what happened to you, and hope you speaking out about it can help stop it from happening to someone else.

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Is there any company online that sells good steak? Where I am located it is impossible to find prime meat. None of the stores sell it. Just choice. Also have you ever heard of Peter Luger in New York? Absolutely the best steak hands down. I haven't met anyone that has had it, and says they could find anything better.

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Nevada here, at my office we tip (they are not supposed to take tips) once in a while, usually if we have a lot of boxes or anything that he has to dump the dumpster more then once. He did it before we ever tipped him so I know he would regardless, still I think people deserve something when they go above and beyond. Once his boss was with him, he still took extra trash, but just said have a nice day when I tried to give him something.

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What would you not put in the truck? What would you do with it?