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Hi Cliff,

Any favourite composers of yours?

Wondering also if you have any advice for young composers in terms of hooking up with agencies and if that was a big factor in your career?

Have you ever had any interest in commercials or advertising or have you mostly concentrated on feature film making?

Lastly, I saw a version of Drive with lots of the temp tracks still there. It was Eno, apollo atmospheres stuff. Wondering what you think of temp tracks?

Thanks for your time.

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Goblin are doing a live score for Suspiria. Think they're doing something similar in LA too. Not quite the classic line up, but ...

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Actually just saw you name check glass, goblin and morricone. Coincidently, I am going to see all 3 in the next month!

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Hi Hans, Do you have any recollection of producing Irish band The Radiators single? Your first production job I believe? I would also love to know how you discover new talent to work with you in the studio. As a composer myself, I have wondered how to get in touch. Lastly, love the video footage of the great John Carpenter in your studio. Thanks ..

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Hi Ken, just wondering did you get a lot of flak for your appearance in the film, Gettysburg? Thank you.