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Recently many governors signed a letter stating that regulations is best handled by the states.

Would it be safe to say this is a move to keep the feds out and enable the O&G industry to promote practices that wouldn't be acceptable at the federal level?

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Would you say that Texas allows more lax regulations in the Eagle Ford compared to the Barnett due to population density?

From an outsider point of view it appears that TRRC has taken an "whatever it takes to get it done cheapest" approach and gives industry exactly what they want.

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One of my pet peeves have been compressor stations.

Were emissions from them checked along with noise levels? Also were blowdowns monitored and the release of gathered H2S there monitored?

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Thanks. I have seen their operation using FLIR GasFind IR and produced air models using EPA AirMod app.


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They are treating the US like they've treated 3rd world countries for years.