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I provided anonymized proof to the team and was approved. I'll follow this up with you.

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Best parts:

Lots of freedom and discretion as a manager.

Building a relationship and community with loyal customers.
Having a job that is also a hobby.

Nice business culture.

Getting bonuses, even ones that reflect the company's performance and are unrelated to your store performance.

Worst parts:

Smelly customers.
Sales targets.
The online store sucking sales from said sales figures, even though my helping them in store led them to that purchase.

Working conditions and benefits that are usually above the minimum legal standard and far above other comparable sales jobs but often below those of other employers.

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Me too. They have been introducing more female characters, but not enough, I think. I often find that when women and girls want to get into 40k they have a hard time deciding on an army, and that's a shame.

I probably shouldn't be telling you this but a few years ago they cancelled a limited edition Amazonian Gothic model and I was quite annoyed about that. They never said what their reason for cancelling it was, just something about it not being appropriate for release at that time. I can't recall the exact words they used. Still, there aren't enough female models already so to cancel another one was a shame.

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I'm a console gamer. I just have a laptop.

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When you reach 5 years of service, you become a "Games Workshop Veteran" and there's (or was, pre-Covid) a little ceremony where you're presented with a personalized tankard. I would quite happy when I reached that. A lot of store managers don't last that long due to high staff turnover in a lot of stores.