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Dave talks a lot of crap, so I dunno. I mean the last time Dave said he had the hookup we were in the last row of the stadium for Red Hot Chili Peppers, even though Dave swore he and Flea were old friends.

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This is a tough question. What we’ve seen in Canada is that large companies jumped into the mix early on and tried to produce cannabis at scale. Due to a number of factors this cannabis often didn’t meet the expectations of consumers, and the difficulty in accessing it kept many tied to their longtime legacy suppliers. But perhaps the US will be different. Given that each legal state is essentially isolated right now, perhaps that’ll be an incubator for companies in each state so that when the market opens nationwide there are already firmly established smaller firms that can produce what consumers want. I hope that there is an option for home grow, and regulations to support micro-growers like we have in Canada. Finally, I really hope we see Cannabis Social Clubs allowed to operate in the US, and in Canada. They offer a great balance of small grows for their membership and are non-profit. No matter what, home growing will flourish, just as it has under prohibition, so we might as well allow it and put appropriate regulations in place.


We are seeing conflicts on this point in some US states already. In CA, for instance, small growers are feeling over-regulated to the point they cannot compete with large-scale industrial growers. Many small-scale growers are therefore choosing to remain ‘illegal,’ so these types of market forces will continue to disrupt supply systems. Where they end up will largely depend on the regulatory environment in each state. Eric

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Well, they’re testing for cannabinoids, and if we got rid of those cannabis wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Sorry. Daniel

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Unfortunately we didn't study that in our past survey and don't have good data on it yet. We'd be interested to see what other growers think in response to your comment. Daniel

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One area of concern is the use of Plant Growth Regulators. We found that many growers were using these chemicals to get denser buds, but these often contain elements that are carcinogenic. There needs to be further research into PGRs, but for now the data suggest avoiding them. Here’s a link to a paper some of our team members wrote about this issue.

In Australia there's some concern about labelling PGRs as being 'natural' and in the US there's been concerns about mislabeling PGRs.


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