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well, i feel like the cube can help with a lot of things. There are 78 unique algorithms that you would need to memorise so, it could help with memore, also reflexes because if you see a case that you need to do (for oll or pll) you have to recognise it almost immediately and then do the algorithm. probably doesent make sense because i am tired but if you need any further inforation i will respond

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tried it now just for you and certainly tastes like plastic

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It was actually a video of a first grader and his dad showing stuff about cubing and I decided to whip out my old rubiks brand and learn it

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im pretty sure this gives me the same chance of getting girls as solvnig the cube by randomly turning it

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I cannot do it blindfolded but there are a large amount of people who can do it blindfolded. i dont know what kind of magical skills these people have but they are some wizards.