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Sir, we have reports you're trying to buy illegal drugs from an underage porn kingpin? Unfortunately, you only put 4 "JK's" in your attempt. The legal precedent states you need at least 6 "JK's" in your comment in order for it not to be taken seriously.

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So it seems to be less a problem of "Not working as intended" and more of a problem with follow up. Norways prison system seems way more progressive than the US and the problems you point out seem to the next logical steps.

Give it time, buddy. Progress can seem slow in real time, but you'll look back one day and be proud.

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I've always understood that solitary confinement was cruel and unusual punishment that almost always leads to severe psychological problems. Is this an exageration?

What kind of psychological effects has solitary confinement had on you?

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Thank you for your reply. I wish you all the world with your struggle for freedom.