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In that case... Footlong spicy italian, on Italian herb and cheese, pepper jack cheese, toasted, mayo, mustard, honey mustard, chipotle/horseradish if they have it, all veggies except cucumber, salt and pepper on the tomatoes. Cherry coke. Cheetos.

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Thanks for doing this AMA Billy!

  1. How did you get involved with Alki David and how has his involvement impacted your life?

  2. How has the weight loss been going for you?

  3. I'm still proud of you for being mother of the year and am voting for you again next year! See you when I come up for PAX! Let's grab tacos at Borracho!

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Was it That 1 Guy? He has a cool "weird pipe instrument"!

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I read it as time traveler as well... he must have traveled back and changed it.

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I loved the last documentary! Was able to catch a screening of it while you were in Portland this September. I've got a ton of questions, so I'll try keep it short!

What are you most looking forward to sharing in the upcoming doc?

Are you going to touch on music from any Capcom games that you haven't used yet on this album? (Any chance I'll ever get to hear you rapping on some Breath of Fire tracks?)

What kinds of equipment would you suggest for someone wanting to start getting into doing chip-hop?

I've got a fresh stack of $2 bills just waiting for you to come through Portland again! (In sequential order too!)