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Is is bad for you to pick your nose and eat it, or is it just a social convention that that is considered gross?

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What's up with the plainclothes policemen I see on the streets of my city disguised as homeless people wearing ratty clothes and a two-day beard but along with tactical boots with a high polish and a crew cut that's probably one day older than their stubble? They always stand around on the corner in that stiff way that only cops stand.

Are these patrolmen who have never had any training being undercover? Are they hoping someone is going to try to sell them drugs? Because I'm a pretty straight- edge guy and if they aren't fooling me they aren't fooling an actual criminal. Or are they just there to keep an eye on a real undercover cop down the block?

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For some reason everytime I go to pick my daughter up from daycare I sneeze as soon as I step in the building. It's the only time I sneeze all day but I'm sure the screener is starting to wonder if I am infected with something because it happens every time I see her.

Is this somehow related to the temperature change, stepping into an Air Contitioned building after a long walk in the sun? I have some mild seasonal allergies (eyes) but haven't really been sneezing from them other than this.

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So, is all your work with parents who have split up and hate each others guts or do you also help those who are still together but finding themselves at loggerheads on parenting? My experience is that for some couples with relationships that work fine otherwise having a kid introduces a huge amount of conflict because its an area where you can't just "agree to disagree" and compromising when you "know" you are right feels like not living up to your responsibility to your kid.

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*Pet Krematory