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I have two questions that I would love to hear the perspective of an aged gentleman on:

1) What was it like when you learned of the atomic bomb? This is such a huge turning point in human history that I can’t help but imagine the ramifications must have felt huge.

2) Similar to question one, what was it like when you learned that humans had walked on the moon? Both of these (the bomb and the moon) are things we take for granted now, but at the time they must have been a massive paradigm shift. Can you share your thoughts?

Many thanks for your time, and for your service!

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Do you think if you hadn’t turned yourself in you would’ve been caught? I can definitely see how it looks good to a judge, I’m just wondering if you could’ve lived quietly as a private citizen after.

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Huge HH fan here. And by that I mean I saw the show once at 12:30 in the morning and immediately recognized ‘Inside Out’ as the shameful carbon copy that it was.

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Which one? There’s lots of cunts.

Does that scan? I was kinda doing a Game of Thrones thing.