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So, admittedly, some of those aren't horrible suggestions (like negative/comparative wording)...but to put those in your box as suggestions at a high school level is ridiculous. May I ask what state you work in? I'm a teacher in Florida, and I find we do pander to the FCAT, but my school itself holds itself to a higher standard than what it seems your school is doing, at least, and I'm at a middle school, home of pampering students and parents.

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Understood. I'm at a school in a nice neighborhood, but students are bussed from all over. We're sitting just below Title I status for the second year in a row, but we've been an A school the entire time I've been there. We definitely pander to a lot of this bullshit, already, but we aspire to make our testing questions make the students use critical thinking. The way they suggest you write your tests sounds easier than how I write the ones for my 6th graders.