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If you could have 1 thing there to help you through this time, what would it be?

Now I know you immediately want to say your fiance, but I said "thing", not person :p

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I'm a software developer with a long career developing business applications, quite heavily based around messaging systems (push notifications, pub/sub model etc.), but I'm developing 100% with .Net.

What technology do you primarily use for developing the online communication parts of your games?

Edit: Zorya looks cool. Memories of level 19 of Manic Miner :p

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It's up to the people reading and asking questions as to whether or not this is an interesting AMA. I think you should aim your anger somewhere else. It's really not warranted here.

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Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I suspected, but was hoping I might glean some gaming industry secret tricks. :)

Thanks for the link to Gaffer on Games. I shall plough my way through the information and see what I can find in there.

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Hi Dr. Jud. First off, thanks for doing this. I've never taken part in an AMA before but this is a topic that I literally live my life around.

I self-discovered and started reconditioning my own habits around 15 years ago and have got very good at it now, to the point where I can easily modify habits that are common, and I particularly enjoy the moment when I realise that I've reached what I call "the hump", where a new habit takes precedence over an old habit for the first time, and I know I've made it to the point where I'm starting to take control.

I've also learned to deal with panic attacks to the point where they are gone within minutes, if it ever gets that far, and I can also deal with previously crippling anxiety. Most of that though is down to familiarity and the fact that I'm now sufficiently aware that these things are unpleasant at worst, and I've survived every one of them.

One of my biggest challenges now though, is trying to find a good way to positively deal with irrational thoughts. I'd not realised how much they can rule your life until I became aware of them and realised that I'd been living with them for a very long time (all my life).

Can you give any advice on a positive way to deal with them? I'm convinced that in time I'd get there, but I would very much appreciate some advice from someone who knows about this topic, rather than simply stumbling my way through it and learning bit-by-bit as I go along.

You'll have a tonne of questions to answer, so if you don't answer this then I'm happy to carry on stumbling - I will get there either way :)