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He wants to say yes, but unfortunately he can't read :(

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We got stuck in a man overboard in 2007 that was because a watch saw something land out in the water. It was about 2-3 AM, ended up that a male and female from the same division couldn't be found, eventually found in a fan room... That was the really a lot of fun.

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Enterprise didn't glow in the dark prior to decom, and the funny thing about radiation and cancer is that any exposure is a chance at cancer, no matter the source. Navy stays at 1/10 of the legal limits, which are set well below the point where a statistical increase in illness has been observed.

source: I was an enterprise engineering lab tech, we do chemistry and radiological controls

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What kind of work do you have to do with the FDA(or similar government bodies) for something like an app with medical claims like these? I see some of your research but I have no idea if this is something similar to other filed treatment/devices or if this truly pioneering in the field.

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Ex-RL div here. Can confirm RC div is a bunch of nerds.