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You have live one day at a time. I feel saddened by my experiences often, but then I think about all the good I have, all I can still do, all I might be able to do one day, all the love people have for me, and it makes me see that my self pity isn't important. The next day I may only think good thoughts. Just take it one day at a time. Things will look up, even at your lowest, there is some hope.

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Quite rad! It can raise up and lean back! It can also go pretty fast! Lol. To be honest, it's just important to be able to get around nowadays. When I was younger, all I wanted was the fastest chair possible!

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My boyfriend pretty much described it all incredibly! I honestly love being able to enjoy sexual intimacy with him. If he's too tired for actual intercourse, or I'm too sore, I'm happy to be able to give him manual or oral sex.

If you have a relationship with someone who cannot have intercourse, you two will find a way to be intimate. Even though it may not be the "typical" way, if you guys love each other, you'll love it no matter how it works.

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May I ask how old your husband is? I'd also love to know how you guys worked out having children! My boyfriend and I are thinking of having children in the future, and there is always the worry of me carrying and the high chance of the child having SMA.

So far, once I can get into my wheelchair, I can use art materials at a slower pace. I heard of an artist, Chuck Close, who used a paint brush taped to his wrist. There's also what your husband did with his mouthpiece. Digital art is always an option too. I want to always try to continue drawing, it's always been extremely calming and enjoyable!

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That's awesome that you're working in a pulmonary clinic. It's surprisingly my favorite testing that I've had to go through. They make it fun to just breathe lol.

I'd like my newer doctors to look into my disease before they meet me. Sometimes when I get a new doctor, they are oblivious to what I can do. There are wonderful articles on the disease that can help. It's tough to be asked if I can try to do something that I know is impossible, but because they're the doctor they know best.