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May I ask how your cousin died under the NA? Under what circumstances? Just to make it clear I am a Tajik Afghan and my entire family and extended family (father, uncles, cousins etc) were part of the Afghan resistance against the soviets and later on fought against the Taliban too (as part of the NA).

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You're comment is buried pretty deep so she may not reply, but as an Afghan I'd like to weigh in with my 2 cents.

First of all, I am a dari speaking Afghan from the north of Afg (thought not from Panjshir where Ahmad Shah Massoud was from). I am also a fervent supporter of the Afghan mujahideen (NOT taliban) so I am biased.

Put it simply, I loved the man and would readily give my life for him if it meant he could have lived an hour longer. He was a true muslim, an Afghan hero and a patriot who loved his country and wanted nothing other than the best. There is an ongoing smear campaign against him principally from 3 main sources:

1- Arab Salafists who hated him from the moment the Afghan resistance got going (Bin Laden and co). They hated him for his moderate muslim beliefs and his leanings towards the more spiritual aspects of Islam (Sufism) which is THE mainstream in Afghanistan. The pathetic nature of their hate stooped so low they resorted to slandering him by saying he was a Shia muslim in an attempt to discredit him amongst the arabs in the gulf.

2- Pakistanis and their minions, the Afghan Pasthuns who have whorred themselves to Punjabis in Islamabad. They hate him because Masoud was a friend of India and would not bow his head to any ISI overlord the way Mullah Omar sold our country to Pakistan.

3- Former Afghan communists who got rich and lived a life of plenty under the USSR's by subjugating the masses. Massoud kicked their asses in war and they hate him to this day. These are Afghans you see now who have come back to Afg from their homes in California/ Germany / Australia under the guise of "human rights workers" or "afghan feminists" (RAWA is a big example). They slander Massoud by calling him an extremist muslim and a warlord terrorist etc etc.

"We will never be able to take over Afghanistan so long as this man (Massoud) is alive" - Osama Bin Laden ( May he burn in hell ).

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See my reply to livinglight

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Mr Simpson, as an Afghan I would just like to thank you for your unbelievable coverage of my country over the years. What do you think about the future of Afghanistan with the current elections in mind? As a tajik, I am very supportive of Dr Abdullah Abdullah who it seems will be the likely winner. Do you see any hope for long term peace after the US troop withdrawal?