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I also read it in Jeff's voice I don't know why.

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I've always been fascinated by wolves and I am overcome with happiness just looking at the photos they are magnificent! I want one but I know I can't have one. I have German shepherd..... Close enough

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I still have Mallrats on VHS and will never throw it out!

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I once had one where I dreamt that I was on a missile launch and there were test missiles going off all around me. In the dream everything was shaking viciously and I woke up to the ambulance in my room. Apparently my whole body was shaking like crazy and my parents thought I was having a seizure and called the ambulance because they couldn't wake me. It's super creepy stuff because it was so vivid.

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I'm really glad you are all better and recovered! It makes me really happy! My sister's close friend Carla passed away last week due to being under weight. She had been suffering from anorexia for more than ten years and it was really hard to see her struggle that much. I had become good friends with her in the hope that I could change her ways but nothing anyone said or did could help. She would get a little better but then two times as worse until she couldn't handle it anymore and just stopped trying to survive. One of the most heartbreaking things me or my sister has had to endure apart from my mother getting cancer. As I said I'm just really glad you are all better and hope other girls in this position learn from you. You are all beautiful just the way you are!