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Have you ever considered challenging Dick Van Dyke for one man band supremacy? He's pretty old now, you could probably take him https://youtu.be/KKTknLD9eWw

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Actually the group that does the most damage per capita is the blacks. 13% of the population commits over 50% of the violent crime. And I do acknowledge that non-whites are Americans too, as does my Persian wife.

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You've got me all wrong, friend. I'm all about peace and love. I just love bending over and taking it in the tailpipe from enemies of the state (whether that's whites, blacks, Muslims, antifa, foreigners, etc) I say line 'em all up and slam me in the ass, cuz god forbid I speak up and be labeled a racist, fascist, nazi, blah blah blah. Come and take my sweet ass everyone! U/hestion said so

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Oh, I can give you an actual solution, but I don't think all the tender-hearted pussies here would like it. I guess that means we're at an impasse.

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Fuck you, she is trying to say how peaceful she is and how awesome her people are, but she doesn't acknowledge the brutal violence of Islam or how Islamists have a fatwah against America. Eat shit