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Still shaken from her ordeal, Gooch, in her 50s, told police that shortly after entering the Rare Book Room with the two men she had been struck on the arm with a Taserlike weapon, her hands and feet were bound with zip ties, and a wool cap was pulled over her eyes. Though she couldn’t recall much else about her assailants, one odd detail stood out. “[Beckman] said, ‘B.J.,’” a nickname her friends and colleagues used for her, she told officers. “‘Quit struggling, B.J., or do you want to feel more pain?’” she remembered the man saying.

And now this asshole is getting attention from Reddit and a book deal. What a piece of shit.

Edit: Showing the odd detail, because people were asking and it helps show how fucking shitty this guy and his friends are

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Do you think the Trump foundation would’ve gotten away with it if Trump didn’t become President?

Shouldn’t we be concerned that the charity was able to get away with it for so many years, and others could easily be doing the same?

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I choose to believe this comment because it makes me feel better.

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You made my day a little better. Thank you.

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You're assuming a lot if you think these people have actually read the bible.