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What do you think of the possibility of Sanders becoming a VP on the ticket of one of the other Democratic candidates?

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How have eccentric and wildly unpredictable politicians like Trump and others affected your predictions? Do you account for their randomness to a degree in your formulas?

Edit: Also what do you guys think of more mainstream sites like PredictIt?

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As an electrical engineer and a consumer, I fail to see how this is a serious problem and would like to ask why should consumers care? This system seems to benefit everyone. In exchange for information on their locations and other habits, consumers are provided with free services. Advertising companies are able to present consumers with offers and products that they might actually want, and software companies have an easier time getting off the ground because their revenue can come from the data they gather and they can avoid having to generate revenue through subscriptions or ad sales.

Finally, why should I be worried about my location data? I don't cheat on my girlfriend, I dont commit crimes, and I dont do anything where my information on my location would be incriminating or detrimental to well being. If people feel this strongly about maintaining privacy for nonessential reasons, then just don't use the services. There are many internet services that are essential for modern life in business and social interaction, but there is no essential service on your phone that tracks your location in a way that you can't opt out of.

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Which is funny about Boris because while he's not an easy politician to predict, the results of a lot of his efforts are. I'd 100% bet that either his no deal Brexit in a week is going to be a complete catastrophe, or he going to need to go back on his word and beg the EU for another extension to prevent people violence from breaking out at a hard Irish border.

How did you guys wind up making full-time (are they full-time?) professional careers out of political gambling if you don't mind me asking? It seems like a very interesting industry.

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This is a terrible question for this topic