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Any reason in particular?

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I've been through a few reservations in the East US, and they were just a strip of run down gift shops and billboards along the highway. And I've seen pictures of reservations out West, and most of them were decrepit trailer parks. Pretty depressing.

What was your reservation like compared to others? What did you experience differently from most kids growing up? How are most native americans religiously? You encounter much racism? What're your schools like, history class in particular? What're your personal views on all this (history, government, etc).

Sorry for all the questions, I've actually been wanting to meet somebody who I could ask about all this.

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It still could be correct. I always interpreted the "American" in African american to be in all of the Americas (US, Canada, Central and South America). It's really stupid though, and when someone says it they look more racist or ignorant than just saying black.

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Cool, thanks for the answers. What do you mean by a traditional way of life being possible? I'm going to assume that doesn't mean running buffalo off cliffs in wolf suits.

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That's really cool, I just assumed that lifestyle was dead. How many people still live like that?

EDIT: Reservations are semi-autonomous, correct? I find that pretty bizarre that these exist within US borders, but no one pays any attention to them and they're just considered parts of states, not even noted on maps. What's the government like on the reservation?