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Do you think Lantern Festival will be cancelled as well?

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Is there any sentiment in xin jiang, that if the communist party let them become a self governed state operating inside of china, the way an "autonomous region" is supposed to work on paper, that the uyghur people would be happy with that? A lot of what China seems to be aiming for is the "one china" policy, where it will absolutely refuse to allow any region become independant. Despite the horrific atrocities committed by the chinese communist party, if they came forward tomorrow with an offer to let xin jiang govern itself, is there any hope that the uyghur people would accept this offer and not try go for further independence? Not that I can really see the CCP currently try for any such offer in case other regions, cough tibet, inner mongolia, hong kong, get any radical ideas, but its because of the violent crackdowns that I wonder if there's any hope that they'd ever accept anything less than total independence from China. They have every right to totally reject China of course, but in its current scheme China would never allow that else they run the risk of other regions clamouring for independence.