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People want me back in Season 2??

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It's surreal! I grew up watching him on TV and now all of a sudden he plays my father? I felt like I was in the presence of a legend

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scenes that required lip-reading were a challenge. I shared the reality of lip-reading: only 30% can be understood in a sentence. Cherien (the director) and Hoffman (the writer) had done their best to reduce the amount of lip-reading being done by Theo but still kept enough to move the story along.

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Thankfully there are clear masks which makes things much easier for communication. Not only is lip-reading impossible for Deaf people but sign language requires use of the facial muscles as well... having a mask hinders the language.

BUT we should all mask up anyway. The sooner the pandemic goes away, Deaf people can go back to not understanding people when lip-reading :-)

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Thank you! It was a wonderfully written episode.

I auditioned for it and it was the first time that I've done a Zoom audition before. The producer and writer was in the meeting. It was so different than what I was accustomed to but was extremely thrilled when they told me I got it!

Funny enough, the sides they sent me was the bit where the climax of the episode happened. So I already knew my character's fate before they sent me the entire script

I hope to see the Dimases too!