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Will Kenshi 2 have a job manager, akin to Dwarf Therapist or the one built into Rimworld? It'd be nice to mass toggle eg "Jobs" on and off. Similarly it'd be nice to assign "roles" to party members with pre-defined weapon/armor (like DF uniforms) and even minimum food and medical kit levels that they could pickup from storage when free to do so. Getting your guys ready for an expedition only for them to dump their food and medkits is annoying. (I know you can toggle ditch - I want GRANULAR control.)

Also, I love this game so much.

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Kenshi was inspired by stories of traveling ronin, according to Wikipedia. Can you give us a few specific examples of books and stories that acted as an inspiration?

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Well sure, but people want Mount and Blade meets City Skylines meets Morrowind meets Thief. What are you lollygagging here for? ;)

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I've been seeing a lot about Malazan recently (possible Baader-Meinhof phenomenon). Kinda hesitant to get into another mega fantasy series, but I see this one is actually finished, bar spin-offs.

Thanks for the replies by the way. I'm an old man, legit, but I feel giddy reading these replies. Could be my blood pressure.

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d it's an inspiration to me. I'm currently working with a friend on a few projects using Amazon's lumberyard and, man, it's overwhelming. I'm a Software engineer by trade, but anything gaming related in my experience is a recent result of studying in my free time. I'm trudging through, but I realized quickly my initial effort estimations were wildly inaccurate. What was your motivation? How did you prevent Kenshi from getting lost to the daily grind? Do you have any advice for someone with similar ambitions?

Sorry to interrupt, but... I love Kenshi but can you imagine it going through Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo's quality control?