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What about your boyfriend though?

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My passion has always been entrepreneurship. I recently went back to school to finish my masters in CS at 30 (3.5 years left) simply because I was tired of being limited by needing tech people for my ventures.

What would be your advice to an aspiring tech entrepreneur?

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As a fellow entrepreneur, very general advice for you:

Do something different. Simply being "slightly better" than your huge already established competitors in a market that is trending downwards is not enough. Niche yourself. Merge your idea with something that actually is modern. For instance maybe make it dynamic and create an app for it. Let people send it on the go. They can take pictures of whatever and then add them to their e-cards and send them in mere minutes or even seconds.

A bad example maybe but it's just to give you an idea of what I mean. Don't get stuck in an old downward trending market trying to fight off big competitors believing you are "better" - it almost never works. Instead take it to a new level, integrate it with some other part of life maybe.

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Wow this is so cool, my favourite character in any tv show (and also one of my favourite actors)!

Hey Peter :D!

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Oh my god that is so adorable!