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How can I lose weight by doing none of these?

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If you ever see the neutrinos mutating, you'll let us know, right?

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We always have the chance to do some real good for the community. Any one of us can walk out the door right now and find something charitable to do. The issue here isn't that he had a "chance" to do it, it's that he was forced to do it because of his age and gender. I'm sure he's considered the risks involved with military service, but have you considered that juxtaposing civil and military service to make civil service seem fair simply ignores the fundamental injustice of compulsion, and the additional injustice of extended civil service as a punishment for not opting for military service?

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It's where they fight other people of their respective trades to the death. The employer does this daily to verify that they have the best men for the job.

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at what point did you realise you were riding a bike?