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Your post is bizarre. You said they lost credibility, asked for their credentials, posted links to studies that don't support your argument while also being decades old, said there should be a registry of people with Hep C, especially those who work in the restaurant industry, and your reason for that is because it's common for restaurant workers to spit in food. Wtf? Did you even read the journal articles you linked? Nothing about the New York dentist study suggest transmission through saliva. Why on earth do you think it's so common for restaurant workers to spit in food that every restaurant worker should be tested and registered?

I am open to discussion, just know that I read all of the journal articles you posted, was born to a mother who had Hep C almost 40 years ago, and also worked in the restaurant industry for a decade and not once did I see anyone spit in food. It's not common at all.

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My mom is a liver transplant patient and she was warned against gardening due to fungus in the soil, and it was her favorite hobby. A man in the unit with her rejected 7 years post-transplant after he contracted something from soil, so that didn't help her anxiety. She is 10 years post transplant and would love to garden again. What precautions do you take when digging in soil and do you know any good resources I could send her way to ease her mind? I would appreciate it.

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Thank you!

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I'm also in the gulf coast region and had a successful monarch colony for about 4 or 5 years until paper wasp wiped my colony out. Once they discovered the easy chrysalis food it was like more and more wasp came to the point I had to pull plants. My neighbors weren't taking care of their property and the wasp had tons of places to freely multiply. I went from having dozens and dozens of butterflies hatching every year to very few in one season.