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As a survivor of Necrotising Fasciitis (specifically Fournier's Gangrene) I always like to ask medical professionals how often they've seen it and what the outcomes were for the patients?

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My wife's a 36C. She will be happy to hear that. Actually I'm happy to hear that!

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As someone who's had the misfortune of contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria which led to me having Fournier's I can totally sympathize with you. I kept my penis and testicles but lost part of my scrotum and a good chunk of flesh from either side of my groin. I ended up having 11 surgeries, was in a coma from sepsis and eventually had skin grafts in an attempt to repair some of the damage. Do you still have any long last effects from yours? I still have lots of pain along all the scar lines and have lots of lower leg swelling (I would guess primarily from losing lymph nodes in my groin)?

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Norm, my Grandfather also served in New Guinea. He never used to talk much about the horror of it all but often he used to tell funny stories about waving to the Japanese surveillance plane pilot and him waving back! And also of the fishing with grenades they did in Rabaul harbour. Are there more light-hearted stories you can recall from the time you were there?

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So might I