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Is indie games your full-time job right now, or are you just incredibly prolific in addition to being incredibly handsome?

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Do it! Even as a low budget one-off mobile game.

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What do you feel is the best new player experience, now that the expansion is available? XCOM 2 was already harder than EU/EW starting out. Did you design the expansion with the assumption that the average player had already completed the base game?

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There have been a few interviews where Jake Solomon has talked about things related to this. Originally, the gameplay in the remake was similar to the original with some new additions to make it more interesting. That... didn't go well.

"It's hard to even describe now," Solomon says. "I don't know what I was thinking. It was the original game, and then over the top of that I had put ... soldier abilities ... a cover system ... new alien abilities ... new weapons. It was ... incredibly complicated — not complex. Complex is fun, complicated is bad. This was a very complicated game. It was more complicated than the original."


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It will be on tablets.

When run on my Nexus 7, Avadon didn't do any scaling or anything; it ran at native resolution and everything was tiny. Is "let people with small tablets play" one of the planned features? :-)

Edit: Oh, wait. You already answered this one.