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As a jew, I just want to say thank you for always being there for delivery on Christmas day (well, for the people in your line of work always being there). My favorite thing on that day is giving the driver a wrapped "Christmas" present. it's kind of a tradition now.

How busy are your Christmas days? Any good stories, or is it just extremely busy and stressful? I guess this depends entirely on the area you live.

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What would be the single most important difference from Torchlight that you want your fans to know about?

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Hi Zach. You received a lot of criticism from the internet at large about your crowdfunding for your new movie. We both know you can't really take that kind of criticism seriously and it's just the internet. The people that helped genuinely wanted to see you make a movie in your vision, which I think everyone knows can't really be done with a studio unless you are like Hollywood royalty or an Illuminati or something.

ANYWAY... how do you deal with criticism, especially large-scale criticism, as a celebrity? Does it genuinely affect you, or have you learned to block it out by now? Thanks!

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You write any books lately, Mr. Trout? I've read every one.

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Vikings are often portrayed as larger and more physically intimidating than other men of their time. Is there evidence of this, or is it just a result of their portrayal in other texts and the notion that they were somehow more violent than other cultures at the time, or was it something else?

Also, briefly, since I know this would take a long time to really get into, how did religion "work" within their society? Do we have much information about how the "everyday" Viking treated their faith?