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FreedomOfThought126 karma

Corporate greed has reached levels not seen since the great depression so I am a supporter.

What I would point out that lacks in your AMA title/explanation is what exactly you are fighting/striking for? Do you want longer vacation? Do you want more rights as a worker? Try to edit this post so it gives clear cut goals and demands people can understand.

If the company is circumventing your contract then what is the point of the contract? Sounds to me like there is no purpose to your CBA. I am in a union that temporarily circumvents the CBA for the greater good of the union but it is exactly that...a temporary fix to a permanent problem. While I would not agree with this on paper in practice the membership is served by this greater good but overall it weakens our strength at the table.

As for your grievances not being heard or payed attention to? Good luck on that fight. In america you can't wait years to have your grievances heard by NLRB and they can even vote in your favor but it doesn't matter cause who has the money to sit unpaid for years at a time? The odds that the company will still be in business at the end is even less likely.

So good on you guys striking. This fight needs to happen much more often than it ever does.