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Reading this post and the comments broke my heart.

What has your experience having lived with this condition so far in Japan been like? I used to live there; I had the sense that people with physical impairment were in one way treated way better by society as a whole than my part of the world, but in another no better at all/maybe worse.

If my keyboard could type Japanese I'd be sending a message of love here~

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Jason; thank you for putting yourself out here. In an earlier post you said a great challenge is maintaining positivity, but you see it as a test of endurance because you have no other options. As someone who often struggles with the will to continue living, I'm wondering - did and/or how did that option (end of life) factor or ever factor into your thought process? I know little to none about ALS; I'm assuming something so severe shortens one's life expectancy, so maybe there was a newfound sense of making the most of your time when you were diagnosed. I hope this post doesn't seem callous, I am genuinely just interested because from where I stand right now, if I was in your shoes, I think I'd choose not to be around. Best of wishes to you.