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Greetings. Ever since I played "Beer Run" in my early childhood, I have been fascinated with that unusual little game. For some reason, whenever I get the itch to pull out an AppleII emulator, it's one of the first games I turn to. While I won't say the game is unique among early 80s AppleII games in how it causes me to wonder at its design philosophy, it's still one of the most curious.

This is the only chance I'll have to ask these questions so here goes.

  • What's up with the single-footed walk of the protagonist?
  • What's up with the odd, sliding gait of the bouncers?
  • Does the game change at some point? For example, if one continues to use elevators to go up?
  • Was this game inspired by Space Panic aka Apple Panic?
  • Any anecdotes you have about the creation of this game? (Bet you weren't expecting anyone to talk about it.)

Thank you in advance!

Fredasa7 karma

Haha. Well I had a suspicion that the walk animations were intended either to simulate drunkenness or just to be arbitrarily weird (which a lot of Apple II games were). And yeah, nothing beats the games you grow up on, especially if they stood out like Beer Run did.

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Speaking as someone who lost one to you-know-what, what is the contingency plan for cases where you discover you need to have your only remaining kidney removed?

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If I were doing the teaching, my rule on breaking the rules would be pretty simple: Absorb the language first (easiest thing in the world for English, since most TV and movies are in the language), and then let your absorption decide when to break the rules. Don't literally try to memorize specific cases one by one.

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I could not help but notice a conspicuous trend with the examples listed. Bearing in mind that, yes, we could probably make the graph ourselves with a little patience, what would you say a pie graph of these cases would look like, percentage wise, vis-a-vis party affiliation? (Looking for two-digit estimations -- not "mostly X".)