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This is awesome and just what I needed to read at the minute. How did you get to a point where you could churn out a script inside of a weekend? Is it just a case of not being too precious about the content and focusing on getting a first draft out, and enjoying it along the way as much as you can? After a few weeks of struggling with different writing projects I watched Tenet in cinemas today and thought 'man, this movie is so much fun. Maybe I just need to not be so serious with what I write.'

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That's awesome dude. Started a fresh one in this hour since I posted. Looking forward to seeing how far I get! Congratulations on your successes, looking forward to following your work!

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I'm hungover right now at my house in Hyde Park. Do you ever go to Quids In at Hyde Park Pub? I was there the other day and saw the man who did our house viewing. My friend says that it's a common misconception for vikings to have horns on their helmets. Is this true? That would turn my world upside down.