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FredMist6 karma

The increase in maternal mortality rate is likely linked to the increase in maternal obesity rate. Obese mothers are 4x as likely to die than non obese mothers. Due to the current trend of fat acceptance a lot of larger pregnant women are telling each other that it’s ok to gain 50 lbs during pregnancy. How is this addressed in your support program when so many woman are adamantly against perceived body shaming even if it’s statistically harmful to be obese during pregnancy? How do you with mental health (fat shaming) with physical health?

FredMist-1 karma

So would that include a funds towards dietician to help obese mothers control their weight? Current studies show that it’s actually advisable for obese mothers to not gain any or in fact lose weight. Couldn’t this help solve the obesity linked maternal mortality rate? How would a doula help decrease the likelihood towards developing preeclampsia which more likely in obese mothers and is one of the factors that cause maternal death?