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Aka the shit doesn't work vs any other martial art really. It does work against little kids, some women, and drunks though.

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How will the CIA, FBI, and/or the NSA, recruit people of high moral standards when each organization has done questionable things to say the least? Has it already, or will it become more so, a feedback loop of only questionable people morally, wanting to join?

I want to catch the bad guys, and definitely not hurt innocent people, or engage in questionable conduct. Is this possible or will I at some point regret my decision of joining?

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I had a cough set in around end of year 2018 and lasted over 6 months... Breathing exercises that Wim Hof does seemed to help make it go away when it, or something like it came back Nov / Dec of 2019. No allergies, X-ray of lungs came back normal, Primary care said it could have been whooping cough. I still have a cough but it's random, lots of postnasal drainage, and constant clearing of throat now. Coughing fits are rarer now but they go away if I do the breathing stuff, I know it sounds silly but he is being studied by legit universities.

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Can't iodine regular exposure cause issues with the thyroid?

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Yes, 20 years around martial arts, and a purple belt in BJJ.