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Do you have any good stories with the late Roger Ebert? You two share a similar space in my mind as widely accepted yet authoritative voices in your respective fields.

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Are there any unsung heroes of American journalism that you believe deserved more recognition?

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What educational background do you have, and is it exactly relevANT to our job? There's a lot of "biomedical engineering" major programs nowadays, but when you get to the nitty gritty of it, do you evoke more mechanical, electical, biology, or CS knowledge?

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Do you think rap should stay regional? You would think that with the net, rap regions would meld a little more but it has yet to happen on a wide scale.

Exmple: Detroit vs. the world!

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Black Milk: I have mp3s from you from 2010 that i've YET to listen to, and theres more and more songs that are coming out everyday from you and every other artist around. Have you found a balance between constantly releasing music to stay present and taking your time with music to ensure what you release isnt just buried under the masses?

EDIT: this Mo Power song is great