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I would sign the petition now, but the form reveals "You will receive periodic updates from Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. You may unsubscribe at any time." This should be a checkbox. I should not have no other option than to unsubscribe from emails after signing a petition. It's an insult to the very people you are looking to for support. Change it and get my signature.

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Hi Lisa! I am a filmmaking teacher at a magnet school in Virginia. We occasionally bring in prominent stage and screen actors and technicians to talk about their experiences, the pitfalls, etc. We also have many aspiring writers. So... perfect, right? Would you like to be our guest and talk to the students when school starts in the fall? If so, I can private message you or vice versa for details/arrangements.

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So anyone who is putting effort forth on my behalf gets to make me unsubscribe from their email list? Suddenly I'm going to have to spend all day unsubscribing from emails from police, firemen, public defender offices, watchdog groups, whistleblowers, thousands of cancer research labs, and everyone who's ever held a door open for me at Lowe's.

You're right about the time investment, TheForceiswithus, but in my opinion incorrect about the principle. I'd rather spend an hour volunteering by my own will than five seconds unsubscribing from a list I'm going to be put on against it.

The movement for a free and open internet is, indeed, hugely important. So much so, we might want to consider not annoying thousands of the exact supporters--net-saavy privacy & neutrality advocates--we are looking to recruit. If a five minute coding change by one guy on a laptop results in thousands more signatures and thousands of saved minutes around the world, why the hell not do it? Just leave the box checked by default, problem solved.

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There are all kinds of crazy exciting new battery technologies being researched (quinone-based organic flow batteries, nanoscale anodes for near-instant charging, etc). The gigafactories suggest Tesla is pouring its resources into cheapening Li-Ion batteries, but I was curious whether they're also planning the next leap ahead rather than just optimizing the current technology. Other than the "hybrid" extended-range battery we already know about, is Tesla currently doing research on, or even interested in, replacing their current-generation Li-Ion battery tech with next-generation battery technologies?

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  1. Would you work there again, why or why not?
  2. Was there much buzz among employees about the company's stock price and public perception, and what was it like?
  3. During Black October, when the fires happened and the media and investment community went bananas, what was it like inside the company?
  4. Where you worked, was the culture one of innovation and excitement like people romanticize from the outside, or were you more just doing your daily routine?