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How much do scanslations / piracy hurt the industry / your company?

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is Crunchyroll directly responsible for the DMCA requests?

considering every major japanese manga company has specifically, publically, come out against scanlations, i don't think it matters.

The manga creators don't want people to scanlate, but they do anyway. Way to "love" your fandom, fans. :(

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ITT people who don't realize how common this is

"i am an american who had their hair bleached, ama?"

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I disagree. Kinokuniya raised their prices about 9 months ago - they are now about $10-$12 over JPY per book.

That means if buying more than one book, it is cheaper to go through AmazonJP. In addition, they carry such a small line of A-list titles that it is barely worth going there.

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Absolutely agree.

What burns my biscuits the most is how cheap they can get their comics if they really wanted to - Amazon.jp is right there, people.

If you read a scan, AT THE VERY LEAST go buy the original Japanese books.

Manga authors work hard. Respect that.