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FossaRed3 karma

Hi, OP. Your story is so inspiring and heartwarming. I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I'm a youngster but now I want to be a donor when I'm a little older, too.

What I wanted to ask was, how were you so brave during the course of those seven years? What kept you going despite the fact that your heart nearly bailed on you so many times? A lot of people I know would not have had it in them to persevere.. they'd have given up some time in between. And one last question, how did you manage the nerves before your surgery? My grandpa was scheduled for a bypass surgery, but unfortunately, the night before, his heart gave in to the fear and he passed away.

Anyway, I hope you take care and live the best life possible. Wish you the best.

FossaRed1 karma

That makes sense. I think at some point, you realise that you have nothing to lose anymore, so your fear melts away. The way you dealt with all the episodes over the past few years does take courage, so power to you.

And thank you. This happened many years ago when I was too young to understand any of it. But from I have been told, it was a loss that was hard to deal with.