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Question from me as a paramedic: For us (at least in Germany) it's load and go. So basically save the patient from dying right away (checking pulse, blood pressure and treating them if the patient is dying from it) and get him to the hospital as fast as possible without moving him too much or not at all. Now is my chance to ask an expert on something I've always wanted to know. With heart injurys like heart attacks. Are there any special things me as an paramedic could do to further increase the chance of survival which we don't learn while becoming a paramedic Question from me as a normal guy concerned about the health of animals: How do you test this kind of stuff on animals. Is it cruel to the animals? Were there any deaths?

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No drugs at all. We can give NaCl thou if you ask for fluids. Yes we are allowed to cannulate but only the paramedics who have the highest degree are allowed to. See here in Germany we have different paramedics. Ranging from a SanAB which you can get in a 4 week course up to the actual paramedic which takes 4 years. Difrent statuses allow different methods. But cannulatting is only allowed for the highest rank. (on an ambulance there has to be one paramedic of the highest rank and one of the second highest rank. San ab is just the third that carries stuff) We are allowed to intubate. For pain relief there's usually a doctor there. If in the emergency call is staded that the patient is in pain there will automatically a doctor be sent with us to give the patient the drug. Technically we could give drugs if we later can justify that we gave the right drug to save the patient. If you give the wrong drug you get locked up because giving drugs is usually a doctor thing. Also we are not educated on which drug you need for which illness therefore no one except the experienced paramedics give drugs because no one wants to get locked up. Edit: hypoglycemia: get him in a hospital as fast as possiblr

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Yeah of course we need an ecg but here In Germany it's forbidden for paramedics to give any kind of medicine. We ned an emergency doctor. I don't know if that exists in America but in severe cases like an heart attack there's a doctor with us. The doctor only gets alarmed if the emergency call sounds like it's something severe. We also can call an emergency doctor if needed. He gives nitro and other types of medicine We are not allowed to.

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Most of the time we trick the law. We can't give them medicine but we can't prevent them from taking it themselves. As long as the patient himself applys the nitro spray for example it's fine

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So you are saying that in every case the animal dies at the end because you manipulated the heart? I find that very cruel thou it's necessary to advance in medicine.