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But surely you must consider that if you lift the lid on such software then you're inviting manipulation of the media to be commonplace and normalising it. Its naive to think that this will always stay in the hands of the user, people will deconstruct your software and create their own variations. Manipulating pictures in the press already happens I realise but this would allow for it on an unprecedented scale. Have you considered the potential side effects of the technology down the line and what form they may take?

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I appreciate your response, I think where I personally struggle with it is the automated nature of it, one could theoretically write an algorithm to censor a certain type of media, and inject that into some sort of malicious virus program which if undetected, would have the capacity to totally influence what a person sees without them knowing. I'm not accusing you guys of such and I absolutely see the upsides of such work but this is the sticking point I'm at