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If your job is coming up with and creating characters and stories that people care about then I need to say thank you. My daughter was born in 2000. From ages 2 to 3 all she wanted to watch was Monsters Inc., all day, every day. I can't even begin to think about how many times I sat down to watch that movie with her. My favorite part is that she looked exactly like Boo, to a TV.

Skip ahead 10 years. Last month my family finally made it to Disneyland. The only thing my daughter cared about was making it to the Monsters Inc. ride. While we were making our way over there we ran into Sully. I have never seen her eyes light up the way they did that day. We got what may be my all time favorite picture of her.

Tomorrow is her 12th birthday. When we asked her what kind of cake she wanted she took a dry erase marker and sketched out a rough draft of a Monsters Inc. cake that she pictured. This is the cake that my wife made for her.

So, I don't actually have a question for you. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for creating a movie that impacted my children quite a bit. Thank you for creating characters and a storyline that my family enjoys over and over. And thank you for being part of the magic that allows parents like me to see their children light up.

My youngest is now three. And I know exactly where we are going to be the weekend of December 19.

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Well its not called EmployedCuriousKumquats.com

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In fairness though, there was no battle. Just a group of pacifists putting on thesbian plays and art classes.

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Staffing. I would LOVE a walking beat where I could proactively prevent crime, contact people, etc. But citizens don't want to pay more in taxes. City Councils have budgets. Every department in a city fights for a slice of the budget. The PD is given a budget for staffing, cars, fuel, uniforms etc. Si department heads figure out the least amount if officers they can get away with, to decrease the budget, to appease the city council, to appease the citizens.

And I spend my entire work shift chasing paper calls.

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You should stop by /r/derailed. We are the stuff of your nightmares. Or dreams, I guess.