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It's hard to come up with a good question in a time like this. I suppose that the bar is quiet these days, so if you're playing some music just for yourself, what do you have on?

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Judging by the use of meters instead of feet, and the car he was fixing, I'm guessing he is German.

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It depends on your view of success. Sure, NI is still part of the UK. It accomplished that. But if the goal was to stop the fighting and crush the IRA, then no, internment did not accomplish that objective. I think that is the point OP is trying to make.

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Going by my rough knowledge of history, you would've been released before the hunger strikes, right? Was there any type of government or rules between the prisoners?

If you don't mind answering, what's your oppinion on the peace process and modern day Northern Ireland?

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He would just hang out in the strip club all day though.