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There's bound to be a lot fo serious questions so I'll lighten it up a bit!

  1. What was your favorite mission to make or play? There has to be one that stands out for each of you? Maybe not the same one?

  2. What unit is your favorite unit? Can one of of each Gaalsien/Coaltion or just one all round.

  3. What is the most outrageous concept or idea that you guys tossed out?

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I always felt the HW2 story was more about saving Hiigara than anything else. The cores and Sajuuk was only tools to allow that. Maybe the very last bit, about the HS gates, age of S'Jet, etc. is perhaps the 'core'(sorry) of the issue. It does however allow for a very open tapestry to make additional content from that's still canon.

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A Lore question:

On the Matter of Sajuuk. Do you know/remember who originally came up with Sajuuk and how did it morph from a vengeful god-entity to a progenitor mothership class war ship? It's been a couple of years but I figure it's a pretty central point in all 3 games, especially HW2.