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An amazing and inspiring story! When you found yourself homeless, where did you find help?

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Borax is a very effective, inexpensive and easy to find tool against bed bugs.

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How long did it take you to become competent in Finnish? I imagine it must've been difficult in any circumstance, but much more so with a severe vision impairment.

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What do you enjoy most about Finland? What do you think is the greatest difficulty you have in every day life?

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Being snarky won't change the fact that Kenny's making a lot of $$$ with your financial information.

Or did you think he was providing these "valuable" services for free out of the goodness of his heart?

On second thought, enjoy the fruits of your gullibility.

Edit: Love watching this get downvoted. Apparently there are little lambs out there who think a company who rewards you with credit card offers in return for your "free" credit score are doing it because they care about you. Apparently, I should not have burst your special snowflake bubble. Sorry for ruining your dreams, kids!