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Fondle_My_Sweaters5 karma

If you had to put money on which team Durant will end up this summer who would you bet on?

Portland misses you Henry come back for a game soon!

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Nah I sold high on those puppies along time ago on Ebay lol

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Will Portland end up trading the any of the ETEC, MLET or MHET or will they all go to waste like the RLEC?

Fondle_My_Sweaters1 karma

Evan Turner expiring contract, Meyers Leonard expiring contract and Moe Harkless expiring contract. Raef Lafrentz huge expiring was suppose to be used to get us a star in 2009 but was never used and wasted. The Turner, Leonard and Harkless combined expiring contracts equal 38 million in expiring contracts next year.

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Why does Scott Foster still have a job in he NBA? I mean 134 phone calls between him and Donaghy to say goodnight to eachother was not pillow talk I expect.