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Thank you very much for your response, good luck to your people for the next ! I hope everyone will be fine for you all 🇫🇷🤝🇺🇸

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Hello miss and misters, French redditor here, one of the things a lot of people are wondering in my country :

  • What is the legal situation for people who unfortunately died of COVID after they voted by correspondance few days/weeks ago ? Is their vote still valid ? Could that be an issue about the result being legit or not ?

  • If president Donald Trump contest the result what will happen with the Supreme Court process ?

  • Is this oustanding situation questioning the (indirect) electoral system in USA, where the winning candidate is not necessarily the candidate with the biggest amount of vote in total population ?

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😯 Je suis très heureuse de lire ça et de savoir que ta grand-mère t’as appris un peu de français, tu t’exprimes très bien ! 🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 Qu’est-ce qu’il a fait pour que tu t’excuses ? 😯Ça va, ne t’inquiète pas 👋😊

Est-ce que vous êtes Cajun ?? Sorry I try to teach myself USA culture and history but I don’t know everything yet 😅 For french speaking areas in USA I only know Cajun culture in Louisiana and some people in Maine

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Thank you for your answers 👍

I don’t know well USA electoral history or culture or anything but is -in your personal opinion- this kind of indirect system of vote, the best for your country in term of democracy ? I feel like this is a way to vote that has been designed for an era in which collect all the votes would have been too complicated dangerous and long (because the country is so big !) and thus the great electors existence was to make the collect of votes easier but nowadays with everything travelling more fast I feel like it makes this system unecessary complicated (archaic, I would say) for less efficient result in term of raw democracy. I find it very unfair some of your states are said « key states » (swing states and other etc) and others who seem like.. unconsequent ? 🤔

And today I even learned the great electors in some states could... change their mind at the last minute while voting, without anyone knowing it ? Is it true or wrong ?

(If required, sorry for my english)